The more your senses are in control, the more you are in the position of being controlled by them. Therefore the less free you are. Since no amount of sense gratification is ever enough to satisfy us, we always feel we need “more.”

In reality, the glossy picture of the “happy rich person” that most people hold in their minds is simply an illusion. Money can buy sense gratification, but not actual happiness or satisfaction.

If there is understanding of the difference between the body and the soul then, just as we don’t neglect to supply the physical with food, similarly.

Economic and spiritual well-being can and must go hand in hand. A yoga master is not against material prosperity or development, but sees it in the correct context.

Common in each of us, among other things, is the desire for peace. But this is not possible as long as we are not recognizing the fact that each of us is equal. If we do not see beyond the body, we will not see our absolute equality.

Perfection means being in tune with reality. The first thing we must understand is reality – the reality of my identity i.e. my essence, position and function. Who am I?

Like the swans, which drink only the pure nectar of the blooming lotus flower, the liberated souls drink only at the fountain of transcendental love; they never try to find happiness in a life of material sense enjoyment.

Pleasure or blissfulness is not bad. To be blissful is our natural condition. But where will we find such pleasure, such bliss? Spiritual teachers state that happiness is to be found in loving devotional service to the Absolute Whole– not in the glittering but temporary goodies of this material world.