Real love between people has become so rare that people don’t even know what it is.

Lust is a manifestation of inner spiritual hunger. The attempt to satisfy spiritual hunger in sense pleasure is due to ignorance. The development of pure, all-expansive love within the heart satisfies one’s spiritual hunger. Love cancels out lust.

Due to the desire for sense pleasures, people try to conquer nature but end up destroying the world.

Diplomacy and duplicity, which are opposites of sincerity, do not get a person anywhere in spiritual life.

One must be able to forgive others especially for offenses against himself.

Proud people lack tolerance for people whom they consider lower.

Anger is born out of lust; and lust is the result of contemplation of the senses on material objects.

It is unfortunate that people are attracted to the beauty of this world that is not real – it shrivels and dies.